The State of Politics in UK

UK Parliament building

The UK enjoys a unitary democracy that falls in the framework of constitutional monarchy. Her Majesty’s government has the executive power. The legislative power is enjoyed by the House of Lords, House of Commons, parliament of the United Kingdom and the Scottish Parliament as well. Thus having a strong political system has significantly impacted the country in many different ways.

Recently there have been many important political happenings that have caught the attention of the world. The general elections were held in UK in May 2015 for electing the 56th parliament of United Kingdom. The Conservatives were also able to win a good number of seats. The interesting aspect was that Prime Minister David Cameron became the Prime Minister again after completing his full term at the office.

Repercussions of UK elections

It has always been believed that the general elections would be able to reshape the UK elections. These elections hold a lot of interest to the entire world because everyone knew that it would affect the entire world. There is no denying the fact that UK influences the global market so elections mean a stable global market.

However, the re-election of the existing government spells doom for those immigrants who have wished to settle down in UK because the elected government has not really allowed this process of immigration to continue. The elections also mean that UK has been able to diminish the different influences and has been able to bear its own weight.

Scottish Referendum

The Scottish National party has also been impacted by the elections and emerged to be the third largest elected power. This popularity of the Scottish National Party is connected with the Scottish independence referendum that took place back in 2014. The turnout was about 86.4 that was highest recorded for any referendum.

The Scottish referendum bill laid out the grounds for this referendum and was passed by the Scottish parliament in 2013. Later on an agreement was carried out between the government of UK and the Scottish parliament and this act was known as Scottish Independence Referendum Act 2013.

UK elections have always been able to make their impact. It is believed that the elected UK government would be able to bring more positive changes and introduce policies for the betterment of the country and UK would continue to make an impact in the global world so the world has to remain glued to the political updates on UK.