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4 Signs of a Bad Transmission

The transmission is one of the most important components inside vehicle. Without a properly working transmission, your car isn’t going anywhere, at least not smoothly or for a long period of time. But, like anything else, the transmission can sustain wear and tear that leads to damage and breakdown. Fast response to transmission trouble keeps worries down. Four signs of a bad transmission are listed below. If you notice these signs, head to the auto parts jacksonville fl shop and get the vehicle serviced before major trouble begins.

1.    Leaks: Transmission fluid leaks are one of the most common signs that you have a transmission problem. Do not ignore leaks from the transmission. They’ll only worsen and cause more trouble for the transmission and the car itself.

2.    Slipping Transmission: A slipping transmission causes rough driving. It feels like the vehicle suddenly changes gears and hesitates. It is especially bothersome when traveling at high rates of speed or uphill but can occur any time the vehicle is operating.

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3.    Warning Light: Take a look at the dashboard inside the car. Does the transmission light show up red? If so, it’s time for service since this is another sign that a problem is on your hands. This is usually the earliest warning sign that your transmission needs attention before major problems occur.

4.    Delayed Engagement: Delayed engagement is another sign that your transmission is damaged. Delayed engagement causes the vehicle to pause before it actually moves once it’s put into gear.

The four signs above are the most common indicators that your transmission needs to be serviced at once. The longer you wait to make a repair, the worse trouble and more costs you’ll endure. Pay attention to the signs of transmission trouble and make that call when it’s time!