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3 Professional Bass Fishing Tips for Summer

If you’ve been out on the water lately, you know that the fish are jumping around this time. You can visit the palm beach county docks and fish to your heart’s content. If you love fishing but hate when you don’t catch anything, you can have more fun on the water with these expert tips.

Follow the Water

palm beach county docks

The summer can come with some unpredictable weather and plenty of rain. The rain can be an indication of where the fish are and what adjustments you need to make. Bass tend to move with the level of water. When it is rising, they are generally closer to shorelines. If the water level begins to drop, they can be found near break lines.

Use Walkways

Many times, you may choose to go out on the boat and head towards the deepest and darkest areas to fish. This is great, but you shouldn’t underestimate the use of walkways. Once you get into a pattern, it can be easy to find fish and your day can become filled with bass. Certain types of bass spawn in certain areas, so look for them in their common locations.

Keep Your Distance

If you’re fishing in an area that is muddy or dirty, you don’t have to worry much about your distance. However, when the water is clear, you should try to keep your boat some distance away from your fishing area. The shadows can give away your position and mess up your fishing day. Even if fish are nearby, you won’t stand a chance of catching them if your position is compromised.

You can have a day of amazing catches by using these professional fishing tips and getting out on the water. Follow the flow and level of the water, make use of any walkways in the area, and pay attention to your distance while fishing.