The State of Politics in UK

The UK enjoys a unitary democracy that falls in the framework of constitutional monarchy. Her Majesty‚Äôs government has the executive power. The legislative power is enjoyed by the House of Lords, House of Commons, parliament of the United Kingdom and the Scottish Parliament as well. Thus having a strong political system has significantly impacted the … [Read more…]

Housing Bubbles in Australia and Canada

Housing bubbles is quite a common issue and most countries get hit by this situation at some point or the other. The same situation occurred in Canada and Australia as well. A housing bubble situation usually occurs when there is an increase in demand and the supply is limited. Interestingly the hypothesis has already been … [Read more…]

All about Greece

Greece surely has a rich history, but tragically it has faced its set of problems as well. This beautiful country just encountered a severe debt crisis back in 2010. This crisis was given quite an interesting name and was termed as Greek depression. This contributed to the structural weakness of the country and contributed to … [Read more…]